Chiessi, located on the western tip of the island, is located in the south - west of Marciana (13 km) and Portoferraio (32 km), 14 km west of Campo nell'Elba ein and just north of the other faction of Pomonte. The village is situated on the first slopes of the Cape and San Bartolomeo, from which descend the Pit of Chiessi (or Gneccarina) and Fosso of cottons (from the Latin cos - Cotis, "boulder"). Along the coast it is between Punta del Timone and Punta della Testa, a name already documented in the fourteenth century. The small coastal village, occurred as in form in the Second half of the nineteenth century, is made up of small Fall plastered in white, has an unusual smooth white cliff, with a central beach of equally white gravels. Just above it opens a pretty Piazzetta rustic granite.

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